A little about us….

At Irish Twins Handmade Soap Company we believe in all-natural, good-for-you products ….that are good-for-the earth too. 

Our soaps are safe, non-toxic natural alternatives to harmful synthetic chemicals.  They are biodegradable with no added synthetics, phosphates, ammonias, chemicals, toxins or artificial colors or perfumes.  They are moisturizing, with a rich and luxurious lather. 

 Our products are handmade with using the highest quality ingredients derived from nature.  Our soaps are made with the oils of olive, coconut, sweet almond, castor, and sunflower, and butters such as shae and cocoa.  We use no fragrance oils, only the purest essential oils, herbs and garden botanicals such as chamomile, peppermint, calendula, comfrey, lavender and rose petals.  Oatmeal, coffee and cornmeal is added to some bars as a gentle exfoliant.

 Irish Twins Handmade Soap is owned by Erin Nelson (Beresford) and her “Irish Twin” sister, Dawn Schwandt (Rapid City).  *Irish Twins are siblings born less than 12 months apart.  We grew up “green” and are 11 months apart…thus, Irish Twins was deemed a fitting name. 

Remember….you are making a choice that is good for you….and good for the environment!

 We like to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever we can.   Soaps are handmade in the USA.


2 responses to “A little about us….

  1. Erin and Dawn – love your soaps – especially the laundry soap!

  2. Carolyn H.

    Erin and Dawn – I just read about your soap in the Little House Living Blog. I lived in SD for 25 years before moving to Ohio (married). It always thrills my heart to read and hear about things from my adopted home state (born/raised in IA). Best of luck to you. Looking forward to trying your products.

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