We LOVE Patchouli

Here’s why we LOVE Patchouli!

Patchouli Plant

Besides it mesmerizing fragrance, patchouli is abundant with therapuetic properties.  Here are a few facts:

  • It’s used for healing eczema, dermatitis, psorariasis.
  • Anti-septic properties heal wounds.
  • Patchouli oil keeps the skin young and healthy. Is used widely in anti-aging properties.
  • It’s a stress buster. It has anti-depressant properties and helps releive stress and anxiety.  Used in aromatherapy to calm and soothe.
  • It’s a natural insect repellant. Used in sprays, vaporizers & other mosquito repellants.
  • It’s a member of the mint family.
  • It’s got many medicinal purposes.
  • It’s got a unique fragrance used in perfumes, incense,  soaps & cosmetics, deodorants
  • Helps prevent scarring from acne.
  • Often used to treat cuts, burns and bruises.
  • Bolsters the immune system and helps fight infections.

Find Patchouli essential oil in our Patchouli Rustic Soap,  and as a blend in our Big Block Hemp Soap, in our Shaving Soap & in our All-Natural Old-Fashioned Insect Repellant.


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