I’m a big fan of history….all kinds, but especially social history.  On my way to the Post Office today to drop off a couple of packages, I got to thinking about the history of our post office.  It’s one of my favorite places because its an very old building and charming in a thousand different ways. I love the smell of the place…and the wide stairs out front, the big wooden window and the gold-leafed numbers on the PO Boxes, the farm mural and the display cases.  {the bats flying over the roof in the summer is not included in that thousand!

It makes me wonder about all of the correspondence that has tranversed those doors.  Bills, packages, love letters, Dear John letters, business and personal…    I once heard a local tell that year’s ago a man received a package, an old trunk, with just his name and the town “Beresford” written on it.  My, but things have changed.  I wouldn’t trade my email, but something about receiving a physical letter in the mail is deeply satisfactory; or a package wrapped in brown kraft paper and tied up with string. 

Makes me want to bundle my soap orders that way…although it is no longer the accepted practice with Priority Mail, etc. 


One of the things that I inherited from my great-grandma is something that I have had and loved for a long time.  It is ball of twine about the size of a basketball . Twine that she saved for years from packages that she would receive in the mail.  I love it because it was hers, I love it because it’s awesome, and it makes me feel just a little bit closer to her knowing that I come by my frugality quite honestly.


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