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a few new things….

Introducing….Tea Tree Facial Soap {with French Green Clay}

This soap is simple, all-natural and healing.   French Green Clay is highly aborbent and is excellent for oily skin. Sun dried and rich in mineral salts and trace elements, green clay  increases circulation and balances skin oils.  Dry and sensitive skin types should not use this soap.

A delight for those with oily and acne-prone skin, tea tree & french green clay soap will draw out the oils and bacteria that cause nasty blemishes.


Tea Tree Essential Oil
Tea Tree Oil

A bit about Tea Tree:   Native of Australia. Odour slightly similar to Eucalpytus.

Austrialian aborigines knew about medicinal qualities of Tea Tree oil for a long time. It’s antiseptic qualities are 80 times more powerful than carbolic acid.  Use tea tree essential oil for: Influenza, viruses, warts, fungi, acne, ringworm, coldsodres, burns, blisters, infections.  It’s properties are: Anti-fungal, bactericide, antiseptic, skin care, insect repellant.  Use for balancing, uplifting, & soothing. 

How to use: bath, massage, vaporiser, inhalation, & mouth wash.

Tea tree blends well with: Lavender, Lime, Grapefruit, Rosemary, Bergamot & Lemon.

Switching Gears to Homekeeping: 

For those of you that are sensitive to frangrance of any kind…natural or not….we are offering unscented Laundry Concentrate – both the 1 lb. and the 4 lb. sizes available.  New labeling in the works…

Coming oh so soon…..

So excited to announce our newest product….all natural aromatic room & linen sprays.  Use to freshen a room, spray on sheets and linens, spritz laundry before tossing in the dryer. Use to freshen pet beds, lockers & cars.  Available soon.

Aromatic Room & Linen Spray


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10 Green Laundry Habits

Our laundry rooms are places where we get everything clean, but they can also be sources of tremendous environmental dirt—water waste, chemical use, and energy consumption. Cleaning up your laundry habits will shrink your environmental footprint.
1.  Consider an HE Washer….I don’t have one… yet.  They consume less water, they use less detergent and they use less energy to run.  The average household does almost 400 loads of laundry each year, consuming about 13,500 gallons of water.  Switching to an Energy Star-qualified top-loading (or “horizontal axis”) machine can save as much as 7,000 gallons of water per year.

2.  Air Dry Laundry when you can.  It’s FREE and it is so much easier on clothing and linens.  A drying rack or a clothesline pay for themselves.
3. Clean your dryer’s lint filter. It will run more efficiently, save you money and prevent a fire.
4. Wear it more than once.  Unless it’s an unmentionable, socks, or has a fresh stain…why not tuck it back in your drawer or closet after an airing out and wear it a time or two before washing.

5. Use Green Laundry Soap.  Conventional laundry detergents contain ingredients that are not good for you, or the environment.  Look for products that indicate that the product is readily biodegradable and phosphate-free.  Look for plant-based ingredients {instead of petroleum based} which means they are healthier for the planet, from production to rinse cycle.   Green laundry soaps are so much gentler on your skin. {}
6. Look for Concentrated Laundry Soap.  It’s the less is more theory.  They delivery more bang for your buck and cost less to package and ship.
Ditch the fabric softener.  White vinegar naturally balances the pH of soap, leaving your clothes soft and free of chemical residue. Use 1/4 cup in your rinse cycle. 
8.  Wash only full loads.  Saves water & energy. 

9. Use dryer sachets or linen sprays.  Dryer sheets break down organic fibers, shortening the life of your fabrics.  They can be full of cancer causing chemicals and neurotoxins such as toulene and styrene.  Use an all natural linen spray before you toss in the dryer or a lavender dryer sachet made from all natural lavender buds. {} 

10.  Use Dryer Balls.  They’re designed to separate clothes as they tumble, and the constant fluffing and air exchange results in a faster drying time.  They fluff and soften clothes without the use of chemical fabric softeners and they are reusable and long-lasting.  They are great for those with sensitive skin because they contain no chemicals and they are environmentally friendly.  Use wool dryer balls instead of the plastic ones that can cause off-gassing. {these are fun for the kids to find in the laundry too when they help fold 🙂 }

Wool Dryer Balls can be found on

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