Green Find + Green Gift

Not a big fan of numbers or accounting, I find myself dragging my feet when it comes to year-end wrap up and new year set-up.  So I found myself poking around the thift stores a bit yesterday on a quest to purchase a soap pot.  To my dismay the first four places I checked didn’t have what I was looking for – a large kettle in which to place a soap pot {like a double boiler}.  Then I struck gold. I picked up a perfect enamelware soap pot with lid at an antique store on my way home.

It was half price which thrilled me even more. 🙂 
I also picked up some baby silverware – which I love to use for mixing in my smallest bowls.

ok, the butter knife and two forks were bonuses! I seem to be charmed by little silverware as of late, so they all ended up coming home with me.

Today I was blessed with another gift:

Yep! Another soap pot!  This one is huge & perfect for making a large batch.  Best thing about it though is… it has a story. 

It was given to me by a friend who helped me with my end-of-the-year accounting.  It was sitting in storage un-used and waiting to be adopted by someone who would put it back into service.
It had belonged to her mother-in-law who had used it for years in her homemaking and was marked with her name, and the name of her church. I’m imagining big pots of soup or potatoes for church gatherings. I’m feeling blessed and I will treasure it….and pass it along when I’m done.


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