Tell Me A Story!

I love a good story, and find myself reading a couple of books a week.  I super love it though, when someone tells me a story.  About their family, their travels, their history….the good stuff that life is made of.  It helps me to process my life story and bend my prism to see life just a little differently. 

As this new year approaches, I was thinking about the entire tapestry of stories I’ve heard and am so thankful for the rich detail that has intertwined with my life.  On cold winter days like this one, it’s nice to reflect on the past and look at the peices that can be re-arranged, torn up and re-worked for the coming year.   Not that it all has to be re-worked, but, the thought of creating something new is refreshing.

So, this year I’m looking at developing some new recipes, diving into the all-natural world and exploring a bit with natural colors and a few new products.  I’ve learned a lot and hope to learn so much more.  I’ve spent endless hours making soaps, which thrills me.  I get great satisfaction making something useful, healthy and nourishing for the skin and the senses.

Thank you all for the opportunity to live this dream.  I appreciate your patronage and look forward to your friendship and support in the new year.  Lets all take good care of each other.

I’d love to hear your story….email me at

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