another tuesday…

I’ve got my apron on…just finished doggie treats and I’m ready for a break, before it’s on to making some Lavender Laundry concentrate & Lime Kitchen & Bath Scrub.  Snapped a few pics…

Lucky Dog Treats

these are made with all natural ingredients, so I love giving them to my furry friends.

Lavender Bath Fizzy

These I made yesterday and are in the rack drying….they were a bit troublesome and didn’t want to stick together very well.  I’ll be making another batch by sundown to make sure I have enough.  Think I’ll make more of the “Muscle Rescue” since I’m having a crink in my neck from shoveling snow.

Speaking of shoveling snow….

Designer Flannel Flaxies

If you don’t have one of these Flannel Flaxies yet, I used mine all last night to soothe said “crink” in my neck.  I heated one up and threw it between the sheets to warm my cold feet too.

Eco-Friendly Lavender Laundry Concentrate

A reminder for me to get some mixed up and packaged! {This stuff is selling like crazy!…it’s awesome because you only need 2 tablespoons per load {1 tbsp.  if you have a high-efficiecy washer}.  REMINDER: try the white vinegar, it will make your towels fluffy.

and think about shaving soap {$8} & a brush {$14.50}  for your guy for Christmas…mine loves the creamy lather.  Use hot hot water with a brush…and a big fluffy towel.  Great way to start the day!

a bucket full of Go-to-Market bags!

ahhhh.....sugar scrubs

Wooden Soap Molds and cutter

And another reminder to me to get off the computer and fill these soap molds with SOAP!


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