Mint Chocolate Truffle Goodness!

Been too long since I’ve blogged…out of practice, but I’m getting back on the horse.  Kids are back at school, so I have a bit more “free” time. I’m thinking about all of the things that I love about the fall…and they are all very simple.  Things like new backpacks, crisp apples, hot cocoa, homecoming parade, bulky sweatshirts,  cool mornings and evenings with the windows open. 

Makes me think I should make some chili – the decadant kind with all the fixin’s like cheese, and sour cream and fritos.  {if i just had a bowl hopefully it wouldn’t get my triglycerides upside-down and backwards. 😦  cause I’m gonna anyway!…it’s fall! 

I’m getting reved up to make another batch of chocolate mint truffle – I think it’s my new favorite. It’s beautiful swirly eye candy.  And…it smells like heaven with the strong punch of mint and the awesomeness of cocoa.  First batch will be ready at the end of the month, but I’m gearing up for the holiday gift giving. 

Mint Chocolate Truffle Soap - just out of the mold

Soap dishes are featured again this week on our site….they are $1.00 off this week.  I love them because they are unqiue, one-of-a-kind, and the raised centers keep your soap dry.  The colors are vivid – and make a nice addition to your countertop 🙂

Eco-Friendly Soap Dishes


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