Lavender Water

Making up a batch of lavender water…

Lavender water is an old old recipe that is simple and delightful.  It is used for multiple purposes and always makes me feel pampered.

  • Use a splash in your bath for a light lavender scent
  • Use it in a spritz bottle when you are ironing to lightly scent your clothing
  • Spray it on sheets and linens for a relaxing rest
  • Spritz it on your face for a afternoon pick-me-up
  • Keep a sprintz bottle in your purse to freshen your face and hands on a hot summer day
  • dab some on your temples for headache relief
  • lavender deters flies and mosquitos so a sprinz before you go outdoors will keep the pests away
  • lavender is naturally anti-bacterial, use a small spritzer with you when you can’t get to a restroom to wash your hands.

The simple recipe:   

One cup lavender buds
One cup of water, preferably distilled or previously boiled and cooled. 
1/8 cup of vodka stir or shake well.

Add lavender buds, water & vodka in a mason jar. Leave in a sunny window for two weeks, shaking the jar each day to combine the ingredients.

 Strain the lavender water into a pretty bottle or a spritz bottle with a fine mister.  Use as desired 🙂


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