#500 Making it halfway (via 1000 Awesome Things)

I’m re-blogging this….because i’m feeling a little blah and I came across the blog 1000 Awesome things. If you’re not familiar, it’s written by a guy who was down on his luck….and chose to find 1 bright spot a day until he came up with 1000 Awesome things.. He now has a book that I’m gonna go find! It’s all about counting your blessings!

#500 Making it halfway Maybe you're running on the treadmill when you catch the clock tick past the middle of your sweaty jog. Maybe you're reading late at night and notice you're on the middle page where the left and right sides form one big rectangle of paper. Or maybe you're on a long Sunday drive to visit a hometown friend when you pass that rusty gas station halfway down the highway. Yes, it sure is sweet making it halfway anywhere. It means you got started, you g … Read More

via 1000 Awesome Things


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