Invest in your community

I live in a small town – population approximately 2000 – give or take. We have one stop light, well it’s just a flasher at a 4-way stop.  We have one grocery store, one liquor store, a hardware store, a few gas stations, churches, schools, a library and several small businesses.  I like it here because it’s “Mayberry”.  

But…because it is “Mayberry”,  it is also extremely difficult to find a job here – and many folks commute to nearby towns for their jobs.  But our town is also 25 to 30 minutes to the next town, and to make the drive worthwhile the pay has to make financial sense.  For a lot jobs, the compensation just isn’t there.

I have started my own little business not quite a year ago…”Irish Twins Soap Co” which allows me to work from home.  It’s been extremely hard work – and the most fun I’ve ever had….and quite a journey of faith.  One of the things that I am acutely aware of is other small businesses in my community.  I have had the opportunity to learn a great deal – as these business owners have reached out and shared with me numerous nuggets of business wisdom.  The grassroots group of people are front and center in the laws of economics. 

As I spend more and more time meeting and getting to know those local merchants and being a local merchant myself (although I also sell online), I am convinced that it is absolutely essential to shop locally and invest in our own communities.  Local dollars mean local jobs.  Every dollar spent locally is an investment in your community.  A community that you share with others just like you.  Every dollar invested can mean expansion for goods and services that are able to be offered.  And buying local will save you valuable resources like gas and time.

So, think about buying flowers from the florist down the street. Support your local farmer’s markets, mom and pop gas stations, family-owned restraunts, art galleries, greenhouses, and bakeries.  It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors, build your communities and keep build a local economy.

go to the the3/ for lots of ideas about shopping locally! and leave me your comments – I’d love to have your feedback 😉


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