Making Caribbean Breeze…

I was making a couple of batches of soap today – one Caribbean Breeze which has a blend of Vetiver, Bay and Lime.   Perfect for summer days, and an affordable “‘trip” to the Caribbean 😉

A bit about Vetiver essential oil….. Vetiver essential oil is used for emotional grounding and stabilizing the emotions. It is considered relaxing to an overheated, hyperactive mind an nurturing to an insecure self-identity. The oil may then be suited to the type of individual who constantly strives for perfection, but who loses touch with the ability to absorb and replenish, not letting things just be.

Vetiver essential oil is said to provide stimulation to the endocrine glands (in cases of estrogen and progesterone insufficiency associated with premenstrual syndrome as well as menopause) and circulatory system, and may generally support a weakened immune system. Vetiver Oil has been noted to have an effect on lowering rapid heart rate and breathing, helping return the cardiorespiratory system to a calmer state.

Other well known traditional uses for Vetiver oil include application for arthritis symptoms due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Vetiver oil may also be useful acne, anxiety and depression.

So I took a few pics today and thought I’d give you a quick tour of soapmaking in my studio…..

Stirring a batch

blending the ingredients....till it comes to trace

A look at my stash to essential oils…..

A selection of therapeutic grade essential oils

Adding the essential oils – when the soap is just at “trace”….

Blending in the essential oils makes the studio smell amazing!

Almost done....

Adding dividers makes cutting the soap super easy!

tuck it away under a stack of cozy blankets and let the curing process begin....


Soap cures for a couple of days in the molds – then is unmolded, cut into bars and placed on the rack to cure for 4 – 6 weeks.


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