My head is whirling with soapy ideas…

It’s Spring and I am finding my head spinning with all kinds of ideas that I want to try.  As our company grows bigger we may need to streamline our product line for efficiency, but I can’t seem to help thinking about all sorts of soapy stuff. 

We have a new line of soap dishes which thrill me because they are handmade, using ceramic and recycled glass wine and beer bottles!  They are Eco-Friendly and they are simply beautiful.  A really nice compliment to a handmade bar of soap.

The artist who makes these works out of her studio at home.  I love that because is a a free thinker, she is creative and her art is “good for the earth”…. We like to support others who are kind to the earth  😉

I am thinking that I would like to have her design custom shave bowls for our shaving soap.  A little something for the guys – with a boar’s hair brush, for old school shaving…look for that down the line! 

Other things I’m thinking of include soap logs (where you cut your own slices as you go), and guest soaps which would be perfect for hotels and bed and breakfasts.  I take my own soap now when traveling, but would love it if I stayed somewhere with handmade soap. It’s the little things….

Bath Tea is the other product that we love to make but have found that people don’t completely understand them…. for those of us that like a good soak in the tub, these are “tea bags” filled with herbs, botanicals and essential oils that are thrown in the tub with the hot water.  Essentially you “steep” in the fragrances and the soothing properties from the herbs/botanicals. 

Leave us a comment if you have any ideas or suggestions….we would love to hear from you!


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