Giddy on a Spring day….

One of my favorite things EVER is to ride around with the windows down, stereo cranked up, sunglasses on, wind in my hair! Today is one of those delicious first days of spring where the sun is warm and the world looks totally different, bright and full of possibilities.  I made my deliveries and picked up supplies this a.m. – and it was a slice of heaven.

I’m thinking today that my ordinary life, is really quite extraordinary when looked at thru the lens of a fresh green spring sunshiny day.  It is the kind of day that I cherish, because I can get out, because I hear birds, and because everyone at our house is happy to breathe the fresh air and play outside till dark.  Soon we will be at the baseball fields and the racetrack…I simply can’t wait!

Wish I had a pic to post today…but I don’t….perhaps i should take my camera out and do a little shooting…

A blessed Easter to you all.


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