An Spring Update…

 Thanks so much to those of you who came to visit our booth in Sioux City this past weekend.  So nice to get out and meet so many friendly people with such kind words.   Lots of folks out poking around for the first day of Spring.   Met a store owner who will be stocking our soaps when she opens in June in Merrill, Iowa. More on that later….

The more I’m out meeting people, the more I realize how many people have allergies to chemicals and toxins in the products that we deem “safe” for ourselves and our families.  I have had several people tell me that they cannot find products without toxins, and are glad to have a natural alternative….I am feeling blessed to be able to offer a safe alternative.

I am working on re-building our website, although our current site is beautiful, I think our customers can be better served with an easier layout, and a more functional shopping cart.  We’re working on getting more shipping and payment options as well.  I’m am tweaking everyday and will be meeting with a programmer friend to work her “code” magic on our site…..Look for it to be up in the coming weeks.

 Looking forward to more sunny days!


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