HaNDmade soAp! It’s basic…it’s simple…it’s a luxury.

Patchouli and Madagascar Rustic Soaps

I started making soap because I wanted to know exactly what was in it….and I wanted to know that what was in it was the “good stuff.”  So many of the commercial soaps, the perfumed ones, dried out my skin and caused inflammation…and left a ring in my tub.  I wanted something better…something natural.

With research, trial and error, and a little perserverence, I have found that a handmade soap is an affordable luxury.  It’s simple, it’s basic, and it makes you feel pampered and special.  It’s moisturizing, smells amazing and looks great. And because it’s handcrafted  with all-natural ingredients, herbs, botanicals and essential oils – I know that it is good for my skin.

The process of making soap is ancient…it’s old school.  Although the tradition was not passed down to me by my family….it is a process that I find facinating, creative and, well, practical.  Soap is used by everyone, which makes it universal.  And so…I continue to make it…batch by batch, and enjoying the process…and the results! 

If you are interested in learning more about handmade soap visit our website at www.irishtwinssoaps.com.



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3 responses to “HaNDmade soAp! It’s basic…it’s simple…it’s a luxury.

  1. flyingtomato


    I love your new blog–almost as much as I love your soap!


  2. Looks great, Erin! How about posting something on our market blog?

  3. Joanie

    Your soaps are awesome. And one testament to how well they work, my husbands hands get SUPER rough and dry in the winter time, when he is home and using your soap, they get so soft and I actually don’t mind holding his hand. It doesn’t feel like holding onto sandpaper anymore:)
    Keep up the fantastic work…you are as amazing as your soap!!!
    The Wagners

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